Develop a product strategy that keeps you ahead of the pack.

Drive your business forward and generate new revenue streams with our proven de-risking and accelerating methods that can automate up to 75% of your software effort.

Software development solutions

Results don’t have an agenda. Something either works or it doesn’t. We’ll work to drastically reduce the effort it takes your team to develop and maintain your solutions, and avoid mistakes that might otherwise keep you up at night.

We’ll help you vet potential candidates for acquisition to make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision. We will:
  • Evaluate technical assets
  • Analyze technical debt
  • Assess R&D team skills and development processes
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Modularis not only provided the pre-acquisition software evaluation to understand what risks existed and how we could mitigate that risk after acquisition but they also fulfilled a long-term goal of mine by having a development team at the holding company level rather than relying on the R&D groups at the operating companies to plan and execute future product development.
 Adam McGregor, CEO and President at Neul Capital Holdings
We will focus on R&D stabilization, growth, and sustenance for your newly acquired companies. In addition to introducing the development team to Agile methodologies and standardizing processes and technology, we will:
  • Secure technical assets and critical knowledge
  • Define strategies to create and/or improve technical assets that generate new MRR
  • Provide expert advice to help your team put key initiatives on the fast track
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Stabilizing our software and R&D organization after acquisition was priority #1 for us. This would allow us to meet current customer demands while still bringing a development mentality to the organization for future scalability and growth. Modularis was invaluable because they had the people, process and technology to plan and execute our software development efforts.
 Adam McGregor, CEO and President at Neul Capital Holdings
We will help you reduce costs, improve productivity, and enjoy unlimited scalability with our incremental modernization, re-platforming, and migration solutions:
  • Modern user experiences and web services
  • Improved security, scalability, and maintainability
  • Multi-tenant cloud solutions with real-time access to existing on-prem systems.
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Modularis PlatformPlus helped us to de-risk and accelerate the migration of our flagship Elements product from Silverlight to HTML5. Though this was the riskiest project we had undertaken in years, I slept well at night thanks to the leadership, guidance, and technology Modularis brought to our team.
Aaron Plante headshot Aaron Plante, General Manager at TOPAZ Technologies
Whether you are thinking about building a minimal viable product, the next big cloud platform or something else entirely, we can help your team de-risk and accelerate development and turn your ideas into reality. You can rely on us to:
  • Discover the right business requirements to hit your business targets
  • Deliver accurate cost and time estimates
  • Design innovative solutions on a proven architecture
  • Advise and support your team to maximize velocity with our Platform
  • Help your team with the heavy lifting
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Modularis has been a terrific strategic partner for us. They have the leadership, experience, discipline, and technology we needed to build and grow our global IoT platform.
Nick Mirchef headshot Nick Mirchef, President at SmartWitness


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Reduce development effort by up to 75%.


Layer 1

Reduce maintenance effort by up to 90%

Your competition is formidable.
Ours isn’t.

Simply put: we’re the best at what we do. Your days of feeling overwhelmed, overmatched, and over-your-head are over. The cavalry is here.

We’ll decrease your development effort

We provide your team the benefits of automation and development acceleration with our Modularis Accelerator Platform. 

We’ll reduce your maintenance effort

Measure twice, cut once. We’ll help you consistently deliver high-quality software products and eliminate the risk of buggy software that can destroy your budget.

We’ll future-proof your technology

By using our software development platform, it’s our responsibility to keep you up-to-date with the most modern and relevant technologies and code.

We’ll help you hit deadlines & nail budgets

We introduce your team to our agile methodology. Regardless of your technology stack our proven process enables you to deliver every time. Guaranteed.

"Struggling to manage 80 complex systems built on every imaginable technology, it was Modularis that allowed us to get control with a robust unified command and control system."
Biswajeet (Bis) Mukherjee
Sr Manager, R&D
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Aspect achieved ROI in
3 months of unifying
their systems.

Reduce development efforts by up to 75%.

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