About Modularis.

We knew there was a better way

After developing commercial software systems by hand in the 1990s, we knew we had to build our own development platform. One that would automate the majority of the heavy-lift engineering work and provide a way to extend mature systems.

Develop your own platform

Plug your existing systems into the Modularis Platform and add your customized code. You now have your own vertical platform – fully capable of satisfying all of your customers' demands.

A technology partner

The world's most successful ISVs are transforming the way they develop and deliver modern enterprise solutions using our platform + services.

So you can focus on innovation

Typically 80% of an ISV's R&D budget goes to maintaining existing systems, leaving only 20% for innovation. Imagine what you could accomplish if you could reverse this and spend 80% on innovation? Modularis can help you get there.


Meet our Leadership Team

AJ Singh

A.J. Singh

Chief Executive Officer

Jaime MArcial

Jaime Marcial

Chief Software Architect

Olivier Gasson

Olivier Gasson

Chief Design Architect



We're proud to be part of the solution

For 16 years, we have enjoyed helping software providers solve their technology problems by delivering a powerful development platform, plus the professional services needed to get the job done – finding solutions where others said there were none.