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Accelerating Value Architecture

Public Safety Solutions

Mobile Video Platform (MVP)

  • Much More Than a DVR
  • Heightens Situational Awareness and Control
  • Powered by Windows 7/8

Criminal Investigation System (MCIS)

  • Criminal Investigator Focused
  • Complete control over data ownership & inter-agency visibility
  • Deployed state-wide by the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General
  • Runs in the Windows Azure Cloud

Video Testimonial: Vernon Hills Police

ISV Solutions

The Modularis Accelerator Platform accelerates the migration of your legacy products to a unified, service-oriented and cloud-enabled platform built upon the latest Microsoft technologies.

Accelerator Customers consistently achieve:

  • Speed to market
  • Rapid ROI
  • Best use of IT talent
  • Increased quality
  • Decreased risk
  • Improved maintainability & agility

Case Study: Feed Management Systems

Accelerated Services


  • Reduce risk, time, and cost without going offshore
  • Drive efficiency & predictability into your software development process
  • Accelerate migration to .NET & The Cloud
  • Leverage our deep Service-Oriented Architecture expertise

Our U.S.-based professional consultants are all equipped with the Accelerator Platform and are ready to help you achieve your strategic business goals.

Brochure: Accelerated Services