The truth is, no one writes throw-away code.

It’s not that it shouldn’t be thrown away—engineers know perfectly well that its good enough for a demo or prototype, but not good enough for production.  But they’re never given the chance to throw it away or rewrite it correctly and the significant compromises made in an effort to deliver quickly are never corrected.

We’ve all been there.

You need a product, and you need it now, your development team is punctual and delivers a great prototype for your customer pitch. Sold. So what happens when your customer comes to you asking for new features and for it to be rolled into production next month? You turn to your engineers and they remind you that this was throw-away code, as asked for, and it should be rebuilt properly or else it will take longer to make small updates than the original prototype.

In truth, many MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) come to market already saddled with significant technical debt that will weigh them down for years, slowing the delivery of enhancements, increasing maintenance costs and reducing your return on invested capital.

What your engineers aren’t telling you.

Good engineers know the right strategy and it isn’t developing something quick and dirty–given the chance, they strive to follow timeless tenets of good software architecture and programming practices—keeping code well-encapsulated, well-documented, reusable and easy to maintain.  They want to help your business succeed and are willing do what it takes to make that happen.  But they know in their hearts they’ll eventually have to pay the price for major compromises made early on.  This can be challenging as a software engineer, both technically and emotionally because they want to take pride in their work and become invested in helping you solve complex problems and create solutions that benefit your customers.

You know you need to be more nimble, to deliver features and apps more quickly to react to rapidly changing market demands.  Without a doubt there is a need to build applications fast, but how can you develop something quick and clean instead of quick and dirty?

We’re all afraid of bloated, over-engineered and slow-to-develop solutions—but what about the other extreme? Quick, slick and dirty solutions that demo great with a single user and a few simple user stories, but fall down as features, usage, data and demand grow.

There’s no getting around the fact that a revenue-generating production application must have a solid architectural foundation if it is going to meet your customers’ needs today and into the future without forcing you to spend 80% of your R&D budget on maintenance.

Discover. Design. Develop.

What if you could provide that solid architectural foundation out-of-the-box? And build scalable and maintainable applications in hours instead of days, in days instead of weeks, in weeks instead of months, and in months instead of years?

There is no silver bullet.  But there is Modularis.  Quick, Clean, and Built to Last. Contact us today to learn how we can help you de-risk and accelerate your software development efforts.