We want to tell you a story of an agribusiness who saw instant ROI from their software development efforts.

But it’s not the typical story of traditional software development, where according to CIO.com and Gartner, 60% percent of software development projects will fail.

It’s a story about how leaders inside an agribusiness wanted something different, a different (and better) result.

Meet Cultura.

Cultura is a provider of market-leading software and services for the public and private sectors. They are owned by Constellation Software, Inc. and headquartered in tropical Toronto. Cultura acquires, manages, and builds vertical market software businesses that supply software solutions to over 40 specialized industries, like agriculture.

The Problem

Cultura had a challenge. Their agribusiness customers were demanding more from their software, like remote access to their business data and visibility into their software system, as well as a solution that was compatible with the Cloud.

But, Cultura’s solution for agriculture businesses was trapped in a mature software system that was not Cloud compatible and they had outdated technology which was keeping them from giving their customers what they wanted.

The Objectives

After a thorough search and review of their options, Cultura decided they wanted a different result in creating and building their new software platform, so they partnered with Modularis to develop a platform that allowed them to meet four key objectives.

  1. Preserve their software and data.
  2. Update to a sustainable technology.
  3. Be able to make real-time data viewable through web apps and mobile apps.
  4. Drive recurring revenue.

With help from the Modularis architect and product design team, Cultura’s development team built the MyGrower app and portal platform on top of their AGRIS system.

The Solution

Here’s how the Modularis team (and their platform) solved their existing software development issues:

Step one involved keeping their AGRIS system completely intact. Cultura did not want to dismantle this software system, rather wanted to use the advanced reserve engineering tools in the platform to create a virtual data model, providing real-time access to client data.

Next, the Cultura and Modularis teams created a platform agent, making the virtual data model Cloud compatible.

From here, Modularis developed a SaaS gateway in the Cloud, making the client data secure and accessible from any location or device.

Lastly, and most importantly, the Cultura and Modularis teams built mobile and portal web apps, quickly, using the Modularis HTML5 stack.

The Outcome

Cultura achieved all their objectives and is now generating recurring revenue because of their platform-based software plans and through utilizing their MyGrower app, which is sold as a SaaS solution.

The partnership between Cultura and Modularis proved to be the ideal platform for extending and enhancing their AGRIS software system.

In addition to being on-time, on budget and in-scope, the new AGRIS on SQL product achieved the following outcomes:

  • Unlocked further system integration for Cultura’s Enterprise customers.
  • Updated Cultura’s 20+ year old product to use the latest in database technology.
  • ROI achieved in 6 months.

Not bad for an agriculture-based, specialized software, wouldn’t you say?

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