Wilmer Bravo came to Modularis with an extensive background in software development, but the most interesting aspect of Bravo was his hunger and determination to move further in life. Fast-forward three years as part of the Modularis team, when the young man, dog dad, and professional found himself packing his backpack and going back to school. Over a decade ago he graduated from ICESI University obtaining his degree in Software Systems Engineering in Cali, Colombia. Now, he sought the challenge of earning a year-long graduate certificate in Software Engineering from Pontifical Xavierian University. I had the chance to sit down with Wilmer and ask about how this all came to fruition and what he was looking to achieve out of this experience.

When Bravo first tapped into the idea of continued education his motivations were simple:

“For me, the essence of what we do every day in our dynamic field with new technologies and methodologies constantly emerging we have two choices, to be complacent with old technologies or stay ahead of the curve and become a thought leader in the industry.”

While already carrying and maintaining a heavy load as our Lead Software Architect, Bravo took the leap, which equates to exponential growth both personally and professionally. In fact, during Bravo’s time in school he was awarded the Xavierian Academic Order Merit for his outstanding academic performance

“I work with extremely innovative and progressive clients, therefore it is my responsibility to continuously improve personally and professionally to solve their business and helping them gain a competitive edge. This motivation aligns with my values and the values of Modularis.”

The opportunity from attending school helped Bravo gain perspectives from professors and professionals of an array of different industries that complemented his professional experience at Modularis.

Bravo’s passions started to take over when he reflected on his learnings of designing, architecting and building microservices, and cloud deployments, it’s when I really understood the alignment of passions and the importance of finding your niche.

No matter your life story, your age, or your profession there is a way to better yourself, find and follow your passions.

Advice from the graduate:

“While going back to school was a great experience, it also meant maintaining a level of tenacity and integrity for work-school-life balance. Knowing the sacrifice of long hours and double the work, the key is to have the right team behind you for support. Schedules get tight and deadlines approach quicker, in those cases, your best allies are your classmates, teammates and professors. Find a company that supports you and pushes you to chase your dreams, as I was able to do with Modularis.”

Congratulations on your achievement, Bravo. We look forward to your future accomplishments.