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Turn customer needs into action and create enterprise-wide value with Modularis PlatformPlus and the Modularis 3D methodology


A Complete Lifecycle Model

Our solutions are comprehensive yet flexible, allowing you to address any challenge.
PlatformPlus is ideal for enterprise systems – at every stage of the lifecycle.

A strong foundation

We always work with the business leaders first. We’ll ask the tough questions and present an objective review on how to reduce risk and increase innovation.

Expert oversight

We provide expert leadership at every stage, whether you want to build superior software in-house with your team or have us build your IP for you.

Unparalleled technology

Powerful automation tools, cloud-enabled and SaaS compatible, Accelerator gives you all the firepower you need. Continually updated and enhanced, so you are always up to date.

Our Advisory Solutions put you on the right track

Get quick access to our expert architects, software and UX designers, for planning, designing and upgrading enterprise software.


Advisory Solutions for Executives

360 Technology Review

360° Technology Review

It takes one week for us to review and validate your technological and development approach.

Business Challenges

Development costs are challenging to control, and product quality and delivery are unpredictable. The C-Suite needs an impartial review of technology, architecture, and development approach to validate their alignment with business objectives and end-user requirements.

Product Technology Roadmap Session

Product Technology Roadmap Session

A collaborative session to help your C-Suite create or validate a three year product technology roadmap.

Business Challenges

If you have difficulties aligning your product strategy with your business objectives, you may need an outside perspective from experts who can help develop an actionable multi-year roadmap with strategic technology milestones mapped to your business goals.


Advisory Solutions for Product Management

System Performance Review

System Performance Review

A review of the current state of a software product to discover the gaps that must be filled to improve both quality and stability.

Business Challenges

Your managers face continued quality complaints and your internal development team struggles to address them. To fill the temporary knowledge or bandwidth gap, you need an outside party to analyze your code and architecture to create a plan that improves your product’s quality.

Product Design Session

Product Design Session

A collaborative session defining requirements, mockups, and an overall system architecture for new or existing products.

Business Challenges

Whether your managers plan to develop a new product or add significant functionality to an existing product, you need a partner to help define effective business requirements, screen mockups, system architecture, accurate cost and time estimates, in addition to a product development plan.

Product Visibility Session

Product Visibility Session

A collaborative session to help improve product development efficiency using a proven Agile process.

Business Challenges

Effort estimates communicated to P&L managers are off, delivery timelines are slipping on a consistent basis. Your developers need to enhance their existing Agile methodology or implement a new one but don’t know where to start. A trusted third-party will help to gain visibility into the product development lifecycle and make recommendations to improve predictability and efficiency.

Our technology keeps you ahead of the pack

Build better systems in-house using your team or rely on us to build your IP for you.
Our constantly-improving technology keeps you and your products on the cutting edge.


Technology Solutions

Modularis Accelerator

Modularis Accelerator for your team

Provides your development teams access to the Modularis Accelerator Platform and support services to develop their own products.

Modularis IP Builder

Modularis IP Builder with our team

When you want our team to do it, a Modularis Engineering team is equipped with the Accelerator Platform to build new functionality or maintain and support existing products.

Modularis Advisory Team

Modularis Advisory Team

When you just need consultation, you have access to an expert panel of Modularis senior executives, product designers, architects, and engineers for product development advice.

Simply maintenance

We deliver results

For over 15 years, our unique approach has maintained a 95% success rate on projects. We are so dedicated to making sure you can deliver on-time, on-budget and in-scope that we created a “No Regrets” guarantee.

In an industry that typically delivers enterprise projects successfully only 25% of the time, know that Modularis will do what it takes to meet or exceed your needs.

Contact Modularis today to learn how our unique approach develops superior enterprise systems.