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Public Safety Solutions

Fosters Integrity, Accuracy, Efficiency, Extensibility

Modularis has created a highly efficient criminal investigation and evidence management system for investigators, supervisors and prosecutors. Designed for use by larger local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, MCIS provides:

  • Centralized, automated end-to-end process that permits investigators access to complete, accurate information immediately and from any location
  • Advanced audit trail that ensures due process and evidence/data security
  • Complete control over data ownership and visibility
  • Customized user interface that is easy to use by investigators ensuring greater accuracy, integrity, and investigator acceptance
  • Robust tool to track evidence detail and upload documents, photographs, videos, and other case-related materials
  • Easy extensibility to prosecution matter management systems and links to other case-related information sources
  • Client-tailored workflow system to manage work effectiveness, supervisor reviews and timely decision making
  • Stable, proven technology requiring fewer IT personnel hours and resources