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Public Safety Solutions

Accelerating Innovation

Modularis has extensive public safety experience working with the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General and police departments throughout the United States.

We Accelerate Innovation in Public Safety by offering solid, cutting-edge solutions that deliver an unbeatable combination of power, flexibility and value:

Modularis Mobile Video Platform (MVP)

    The Mobile Video Platform (MVP) is a highly flexible and connected in-vehicle video solution that delivers capabilities far beyond that of a simple DVR. MVP provides AVL, real-time video streaming and remote control capabilities, and integrates with in-vehicle systems such as Lights, Sirens, Brakes, Radar, LIDAR, GPS, License Plate Recognition, Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Records Management systems.

Modularis Criminal Investigation System (MCIS)

    The Modularis Criminal Investigation System (MCIS) is a powerful and sophisticated Case and Evidence management solution built specifically for the unique needs of large Criminal Investigation agencies. Currently deployed state-wide by the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General, MCIS is used by hundreds of investigators across the state to initiate, track, maintain, and secure criminal investigation case files and all related digital and physical evidence.

All Modularis solutions are built upon the latest Microsoft technologies and powered by our Accelerator Enterprise Application Platform.