New Horizons

We are proud to provide our forward-thinking clients a modern, more reliable approach to designing, building, and maintaining complex enterprise systems.

For the last two decades, most enterprise software projects have ended in failure: suffering major delays, going significantly over budget, or failing to deliver on promised functionality.

We knew we could find a better way.

And we won’t stop until our clients reach their goals and get back to innovating.

Why Modularis?

We have expert software architects, designers and engineers who are committed to helping businesses develop better enterprise software.

Out with the old

With an industry failure rate that’s gotten worse over the last 2 decades, we set out to build a better way to develop complex enterprise systems. Over the past 15 years we have refined our approach, automation tools and solutions to meet client needs.

In with a more predictable approach

Our expert teams are critical to reducing our clients’ risk and ensure success for the most challenging and complex projects.

Leaving you free to focus on innovation

As a managed platform, we take on the responsibility of keeping our clients’ products current, allowing them time to focus on the important things – innovating to spur growth and revenue.

With all of the changes occurring in the enterprise space, this is a very exciting time at Modularis. With our values, people, approach, and advanced technology, I feel we are poised to help our clients stay ahead of the curve and take advantage of opportunities that otherwise may be out of reach.


Meet our Leadership Team

AJ Singh

A.J. Singh

Chief Executive Officer

Jaime MArcial

Jaime Marcial

Chief Software Architect

Olivier Gasson

Olivier Gasson

Chief Design Architect

Simply maintenance

We deliver results

For over 15 years, our unique approach has maintained a 95% success rate on projects. We are so dedicated to making sure you can deliver on-time, on-budget and in-scope that we created a “No Regrets” guarantee.

In an industry that typically delivers commercial projects successfully only 25% of the time, know that Modularis will do what it takes to meet or exceed your needs.

Contact Modularis today to learn how our unique approach develops superior enterprise systems.